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What is the Belize Field Trip?

The Belize Field Trip is a four day educational tour for potential investors looking at making investments in Belize or other Central American & Caribbean real estate markets. Belize is one of the most beautiful countries south of the United States and has a culture, natural beauty, and exotic wildlife unlike anywhere else in Central American & the Caribbean. One island in particular, Ambergris Caye has been the center of real estate growth in the past decade due to its close proximity to the Barrier Reef. Over 70% of overnight tourists flying to Belize spend at least one night on Ambergris Caye. If you desire to see why and learn everything about the potential to investing in this or any other foreign market, you owe it to yourself to join us on the Belize Field Trip.


The Belizean way of life is a humble one; one of simplicity, adventure, and absolute relaxation. Belize is a friendly country of farmers, fishermen and nature lovers. Whether you choose to retire in Belize or simply escape to the natural beauty of this wonderland for a few months out of the year, life in Belize promises to be bliss.


Over the past 10 years Ambergris Caye Belize has seen a major surge in expats retiring to this tropical paradise. Given the steady increasing volume of retirees purchasing properties, the opportunities for the sophisticated investor are limited but with high upside due to surging long-term demand.


The influx of tourists traveling to Ambergris Caye, Belize and the rise in the number of Baby Boomers retiring in the country, have both been catalysts behind real estate investment opportunities steadily increasing. Purchasing real estate is simple and property ownership for foreigners is recognized by fee-simple title.

Hear from John Turley, CEO of RE/MAX Caribbean Islands and Central America


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October 6th - 9th Field Trip
November 3rd - 6th Field Trip

November 17th - 20th


December 1st - 4th Field Trip