The Turley Team Belize, as operators of the Belize Field Trip, make it our mission to educate you and the hundreds that have come before on our trip on best practices for international real estate investing. We strive be a resource for those who want to take action on their dreams of owning property in the tropical paradise of Belize.

What Others Are Saying

“My number one goal was to see Belize, and two, was to understand the investment opportunities here. The biggest takeaway for me was learning about the different ways I could invest and the processes I needed to follow. Essentially, the Field Trip was a free education about everything I needed to know to be successful.”

Tom (Texas)

I have been interested in Belize for the last two years. I learned more in the last three days on this Field Trip than in the last two years doing research on the internet. I believe Belize has one of those rare opportunities to get in early in the market and benefit from its growing demand in the Caribbean. I am a firm believer that this is one the last frontiers for real estate investing in the Caribbean.

John (Florida)

I did research about John Turley and his team prior to the Belize Field Trip – He was definitively the go-to guy for expertise about the Belize market. After experiencing the Field Trip, I am thoroughly convinced that I would like to invest here. I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn’t a selling trip. This was an excellent market overview, the political climate, as well as the real estate climate. I would give this trip a double thumbs up and two high fives. Out of the ballpark experience!

Michelle (Nevada)

“I have been looking for investment property all over the world. I have been to Nicaragua, Roatan, Mexico, and other tropical locations. Belize was last on my list, but I think I have found home. I had an absolute blast on the John Turley Field Trip – I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. I now feel totally informed about my investment decision here in Belize!”

Sandra (Colorado)

“I have been interested in living in Central America for many years now, and after a couple conversations with John Turley, I decided to come down to Belize to visit. I was looking for an educational experience, something that would teach me about the different investments in the market. I really didn’t know where I fit in the bigger picture. Having come down here, I got the education I was looking for, and am looking forward to taking the next step. I had a great time down here – They fed us like kings and queens. It was well worth the money, and well worth the trip.”

Michael (Wisconsin)

The most important part of the Belize Field Trip is that this is not a run and sell type kind of a deal. We were looking for an expert, and certainly John and his team are the experts. We also had the promise that they were not going to try and sell us specific things from their inventory. This was educational and meant to share with us all the things we should know to be informed investors and retirees. In that sense, on a scale of 1 to 10, I would give them a 12. They did an outstanding job!

Richard (California)

“We had a great time on the Belize Field Trip with John Turley and his staff. We learned a lot after being able to put our feet on the ground, see the local culture, and see potential investment properties first-hand. John Turley has a wealth of knowledge and is extremely accommodating. Thank you John Turley and Team!”

George and Ericka (South Carolina)

“What I learned on the Belize Field Trip was incredible. In essence, I learned everything I needed to know to invest in the Belize market, and my wife and I are now going to do so. The trip far exceeded my expectations, and will be well worth your while if you are interested in investing in property in Belize.”

Paul (New Mexico)

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