Belize Field Trip Itinerary

Day One


Ambergris Caye, Belize, is not only the #1 tourism destination in the country, but it is arguably one of the hottest real estate markets in all of Central America and the Caribbean.

Come join us on a great 4-day weekend that will kick off at 5:00pm on Friday with introductions, as well as the stated goals and objectives of each participant.  Each field trip, customized to fit each audience, takes care to cover all the needs of every investor in attendance. We will make sure that whatever your priorities are as a real estate investor, we include it as part of the field trip experience:

  • Are you looking for multi-family opportunities? Check.
  • Beachfront land? No problem.
  • Do you want a condo or detached house? We will make sure that you see plenty of options.

Your educational experience will be a comprehensive, in-depth overview of the market on Friday evening. We will follow that up with a gourmet dinner and drinks, while you get to know your host and fellow field trip participants.

Day Two


On Saturday morning, we will meet bright and early for a classic Belizean breakfast before we head out on by boat to explore around the island’s coastline. Our licensed boat captain will keep us inside the sheltered waters of the barrier reef, and always within a few hundred yards of shore. Together we will explore condo opportunities, investment properties, single-family homes, and vacant land of all types and sizes. You will learn what beachfront prices are in various parts of the island and why they vary from east to west coast and from north to south. You will learn what you can purchase at every price point from $30,000 to $30 million, and everywhere in between.

After spending an action-packed day exploring property from the water, we will enjoy another gourmet meal at a local 5-star restaurant together on Saturday evening, and talk through the key points and highlights of the day. After dinner, we will take a stroll down Front Street together, and enjoy some local live music before calling it a night.

Day Three

Sunday morning will start off with a breakfast like none other. You will dine like kings and queens from a local hole-in-the-wall that you would not find on your own. In fact, I lived here for a full 6-months before I stumbled upon and discovered the tasty goodness of our “Secret Spot”.

We will pick up breakfast, and enjoy a picnic on the beach as we continue our discussion of the market. After breakfast, we will hop in our golf carts, and other assorted vehicles, to begin our exploration of the island by land. After a day on the boat, we will get a completely different vantage by touring the island by road.

You will see the town of San Pedro and explore both north and south of town, so that you can get a feel for what is available. For lunch, we will take you to one of the top resorts in Belize, where you will realize you could really get use to eating so well!

After an afternoon of exploring even more real estate opportunities, we will gather together for a sunset Catamaran cruise.

Day Four

On Monday morning, we will meet for breakfast. This is where we will explore, in great detail, the whole process of purchasing real estate in Belize. More specifically:  What buyer pitfalls there are to beware of and what questions to be sure to ask, before you sign your offer to purchase.

You will discover everything that you need to know about the government and legal system, along with what the difference is between British Common Law and Napoleonic Civil Law. We will talk about the financial system and banking, how Belize has the highest reserve requirements of any Central Bank in the world and what that means for you as an investor.

You will then learn the step-by-step process involved in any property purchase made in Belize and how to protect assets. You will understand what common practices are accepted and what you need to be sure to look out for. You will also understand what is expect for an earnest money deposit and who handles the escrow of funds. You will learn how closings take place, what the closing costs are, and who they are paid by. You will know all about stamp duty and whether or not you will need to pay it as a non-Belizean. Finally, you will learn how title is held, how the title transfer process takes place and how long it takes, and how are you protected throughout the process.

These and several dozen questions will be carefully considered and answered during our Monday morning classroom session. When we wrap things up at noon, you will have an incredible depth of understanding about the real estate market in Belize, and more specifically in Ambergris Caye. It is a bold statement to make, but we stand by it when we tell you that You will know more, and have a greater depth of understanding and knowledge about investing in this market, than 95% of the real estate professionals who actually make their living selling real estate here!

Don’t delay, reserve your spot now for the October or November field trip below! At $1,699 per couple or $999 per individual, you simply can’t miss out on a valuable experience like this.

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